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Town has lot to lose

Editor, The Smithfield Times:

I am writing to express our family’s opposition to the proposed rezoning and large-scale developments along Battery Park and Nike Park roads (i.e., Mallory Scott Farm).

I think a helpful exercise in a matter such as this is to weigh who stands to gain and who stands to lose. Without question, the developers stand to gain. After all, it is their business to buy up land, clear and fill it with as many new “units” as possible.

What do the current residents of Smithfield and Isle of Wight County stand to gain? Absolutely nothing ― unless you count the additional traffic that these developments will bring to already over-congested local roads, increased taxes (new residents never pay for themselves in tax revenue), strains on schools already near or at capacity, and increased demand for emergency services, etc. I cannot think of any way that further development will make life better here.

In the public forums held on this issue, the developers have stated publicly that they’re not the “bad guys.” They say traffic will be “acceptable,” the schools will be fine and all will be well.  We know otherwise after watching what unchecked development has done to other areas.

We urge the town to reject proposals for rezoning and additional large-scale residential projects. Once allowed to happen, it can never be undone.

Katherine Miller

Gatling Pointe South