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Remembering Jack Dashiell, artist and war hero

Now that the Isle of Wight Museum has reopened, you might want to pay a visit to see one of its smallest but nonetheless interesting ... Read more

1 day ago by Staff Reports.

Reversal of centuries-old racism is slow but essential

Racism is not genetic. It’s a learned trait. It must be taught and retaught, in order to be passed down generation to generation. Once taught, ... Read more

2 weeks ago by Staff Reports.

On race, more to come to grips with  

For an awful lot of white people — and a large number of black people as well — sitting down and talking face-to-face about race ... Read more

3 weeks ago by Production.

Fourth can do without the political theater

This year’s Fourth of July was tamped down thanks to the pandemic that thus far is known to have infected 2.8 million Americans and killed ... Read more

4 weeks ago by Production.

Young protesters did Smithfield proud

    Saturday’s Black Lives Matter march and rally in downtown Smithfield embodied the very best of our constitutional right “peaceably to assemble and to ... Read more

1 month ago by Production.

Interesting trends in Isle of Wight farming

       Farming in Isle of Wight County is an ever-changing industry. A half century ago, there were close to 550 working farms in ... Read more

1 month ago by Production.

Entertaining look at Battle of Yorktown’s shipwrecks

Southeast Virginians live in one of America’s most historic areas, and none of the historic sites hereabouts are more important than Yorktown, where it may ... Read more

2 months ago by Production.

Governor’s mandate isn’t the reason to wear a mask

As Isle of Wight and Smithfield began to reopen along with the rest of Virginia this past week, it was reassuring to see the fairly ... Read more

2 months ago by Production.

Enduring images from a week of reckoning

Last week began with images of a black man being choked to death by a Minneapolis police officer while three other officers looked on. The ... Read more

2 months ago by Production.

Boddie’s works are essential reading on local history

Gov. Ralph Northam’s stay-at-home order, following shortly after retirement as a weekly newspaper editor, has left me with more spare time than I am accustomed ... Read more

2 months ago by Production.

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